Aurelia Alvarez Nelson ~ Physical Therapist

Craniosacral  —  Myofascial Release

Chronic Pain  —  Geriatric Issues

Hands on treatment of pain, traumatic injuries, and geriatric issues.

●  Las Cruces, NM  ●

Over 40 years experience providing:

Physical Therapy
Chronic Pain Relief
Craniosacral Therapy
Myofascial Release
Recovery from Traumatic Injuries
Care for Geriatric Issues

Licensed Physical Therapist NM #366

Founder, former owner of
Del Valle Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

The body has the intelligence and capacity to heal.

Major factors in healing and recovery are the patients receptivity, motivation and cooperation.

Experience in Physical Therapy

Practicing Cranial Sacral Therapy as taught specifically by Upledger Institute. Upledger Institute was founded by Dr. Upledger, OD, who developed the theory and practice of Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Completed Courses from the Upledger Institute:

CST 1, CST 2, Somatoemotional Release 1.

Number of years incorporating Cranial Sacral Therapy in my clinical practice: 25 years

I also practice Myofascial Release as taught specifically by John Barnes, PT.

Chronic Pain

In my practice, I have seen clients that have had chronic pain issues that were not completely resolved for various reasons.

These are the clients that are labeled as “chronic pain patients” and are sent to pain management specialists and or placed on pain meds which mask the pain, but the underlying issues are not addressed or resolved. This can lead to other problems in time.

I have seen that it is possible to relieve, decrease and/or resolve chronic pain, especially long term chronic pain with Cranial Sacral and Somatoemotional Release Therapy.

Geriatric Issues

Injuries from many years ago can reappear with no apparent cause or reason. Many have learned to live with pain that becomes more of a problem as we age, limiting what we would like to do in our daily lives. We learn to "live with it."

Cranio-sacral Therapy is an extremely effective treatment that can decrease or resolve pain and limited movement associated with old age. It can improve posture and balance. As pain issues are lessoned or resolved, the patient can move to strengthening exercises that can increase strength and energy levels and allows the patient to return to normal activities.

Cranio-sacral Therapy is also quite effective in the treatment of various neurological disorders such as PTSD, spinal cord injuries, coordination impairment, migraines and headaches.

Patient testimonials

After years of trying to manage a painful shoulder on my own, she was able to help me find relief within a few sessions. Her professionalism and dedication cannot be overstated. She is truly the best.
Steve. E.
Las Cruces. 2016

Ella is so experienced, she knows exactly where the patient needs help. The relief I experienced was instant and done in a quiet, restful atmosphere. I highly recommend her.
L. Congdon
Las Cruces, May 2016

I cannot recommend Ella Nelson highly enough. Not only does she have tremendous knowledge, skill, and experience, but she also attunes her energy to her patients energy. She has really helped me with my fibromyalgia pain more than any other treatment i have experienced.
Las Cruces, 7-5-2016

As I was scheduled to see a chiropractor 3 times a week with no real positive results. I decided to make an appointment with Mrs. Nelson. After an hour session, much to my surprise, I had no neck or shoulder pain. I do know every case is different, but in mine, I cannot say enough good things about her. I highly recommend her.
Allie B.
Las Cruces, 10-21-2016